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Poetry Box bubble time: A postcard poem is a ride in the car at Easter! Give it a go …



Te Henga Bethells Beach : my local!


If I wasn’t in my bubble, I would definitely doing the short drive in the car to Te Henga Bethells Beach. We can’t go for our early morning run there until our bubbles open.

But what I can do is a write a poem postcard from somewhere I would love to visit this holiday weekend.

That means it is FREE! I can go anywhere in a poem postcard.

So I am inviting you to write a draw a poem postcard and send it to me so I can post some on Poetry Box! I can go anywhere when I read a poem and I write a poem!


you can go anywhere: any time any place!


I love finding things to do that make me HAPPY IN MY BUBBLE!

I will have a few copies of Groovy Fish to give to children once our bubbles open.


PLUS I am giving at least one Groovy Fish to someone who picks a favourite Summer Postcard Poem from my March challenge. See here


send to  paulajoygreen@gmail.com

please include your name age and name of school

don’t forget to put POEM POSTCARD challenge in subject line so I don’t miss it

don’t put your surname on drawings or paintings or collages (Poetry Box policy)


There is no deadline while we are living in our bubbles! Every Friday I will post some work by children. I will always answer your emails but not straightaway. If I haven’t replied after 3 or 4 days nudge me as I may have missed it.


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kia kaha

keep well

keep imagining










Holiday postcards

When I was a girl, I loved getting postcards and I loved sending postcards.There is something magical about a postcard from another place with a little message on it.

When I left New Zealand in my twenties to explore the world I sent lots of postcards to friends and family. Nowadays people send messages on their phones, computers and other devices, but my daughter in Europe has promised to send me a postcard or two. I can’t wait.

Poetry Box usually goes on holiday in your holiday time so I can focus on my writing, but I thought it would be fun to send me poem postcards that you made yourselves. The old fashioned way using a stamp, a postbox and a letterbox.

I got two postcards, one from Daniel and one from Gemma! I was so excited to get them. They took me to another place which is just what postcards can do especially when there is a poem on them.

I think I might try this agin in the next holidays to see what arrives in my box.

I am sending Gemma and Daniel a surprise book.

Here they are:

photo 1 photo 2


photo 1




photo 2


My Adventurous Holiday

In the winter sunshine
My exploring in nature
Sees sun rise each morning.

By Daniel L Age 6, Year 2, Adventure School



Road Trip

A tomato, a dog, a giant welly

Some tanks, a mountain and a place that is smelly

Are we there yet?


A corrugated sheep, a great steel bridge

A very tall tower, a slipped road on a ridge

Are we there yet?


A clock museum, avocado trees,

Some fancy-pants toilets, and oranges if you please

Are we there yet?


Then finally the sea

We’re nearly in reach

Are we there yet?


Yes – it’s Coopers Beach!

By Gemma L Age 9, Year 5, Adventure School,


Happy holidays and a happy holiday challenge or two and a puffer fish on the sand


Today is the last day of Term 2 so you will all be looking forward to a good break. I do hope you have safe holidays, wonderful holidays and discover something new.

Poetry Box goes on holiday but I don’t because I am hard at work writing! And I have to get ready for my Northland Tour which starts on the first day of Term 3. Very exciting.

This morning when I was running along the beach I saw a puffer fish which gave me the idea for the postcard challenge. Holidays are a great chance to discover something different, to see some different, to do something different. You can turn these experiences into poems and put them on postcards (see below).

Here are some things you might like to do in the holidays:


1. Vote for the Whitcoulls Top 50 books so a NZ book makes the cut! Whitcoulls are giving away 100 $20 book vouchers. You vote for your three favourite books and three favourite authors. Vote here.

2. Pick a NZ author you would like me to send the questions you write to. I will see if I can arrange the interview. You can email if you come up with a name. paulajoygreen@gmail.com

3. Review a NZ book. Any genre. Just tell us what you love (and don’t love about the book). send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com

4. Vote for Children’s Choice for NZ Book Awards here. You and your school might win some books.

5. Find a notebook and fill it with poems. Ah! happy poem days!


6. Try my holiday-poem-postcard challenge.

* make your own postcard

* write a poem on it that shows me something you have seen or done in the holidays

* hunt for yummy words, strong detail, listen to each line

* you can illustrate and decorate it if you like

*write your name, age, school  and email address (so I can get in touch with you!)

* put it in envelop and send to me (so no-one can see your private details)

* send to Paula Green PO Box 95078 Swanson Waitakere 0653

* I will scan and post my favourites and have a book for one child


h a p p y     h o l i d a y s     x