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Autumn Poems on Poetry Box – a festival

So many wonderful Autumn poems arrived in my mail box – it was like a big mound of beautiful leaves to shuffle through.

With so many poems it was extra hard to pick a few to post – lots of wonderful poetry so I have made an Autumn festival of poems on the last day of Autumn. Poems can do so many different things!


Thank you so much for giving this challenge a go – just as winter is about to hit us.

I am sending Finn a book.

Please don’t feel sad if I didn’t pick your poem as I got so many it took all Sunday to read them and I have to leave out so many amazing poems. I will have told you what I loved about your poem in my letter to you. I am so happy there is so much poetry buzzing in schools and families.


Do try my new June challenge on Wednesday June 1st (tomorrow)!


A Small Boat

Sailing on the
deliciously warm
autumn days
when sunlight
dapples the sea

Finn P age 9, Ilam School





The gentle leaves fall and flow

down from the trees.

They change to lovely colours,

like kakariki,

to kowhai,

to whero.

They float down to the grass.

I wish I could be a leaf.

Erena H Age 6 Year 2 Epsom Normal Primary


The Autumn Wind

the autumn wind is a crunchy cookie

the autumn wind is a soft pillow

the autumn wind is a bird singing

the autumn wind is a beautiful mountain


Maddy W  7 years old Year 3 Pāpāroa Street School Christchurch



The Autumn Wind


the autumn wind is my great grandad’s wrinkly face

the autumn wind is a bird playing F-sharp minor being played on the piano

the autumn wind is a tornado blowing leaves down form the sky

the autumn wind is a swaying, turning whirlpool

the autumn wind is a cyclone lost from a breeze of wind


Jack S 8  years old Year 4 Pāpāroa Street School Christchurch


Windy Autumn

Crackle, crackle went the dry leaves as they bounced on the ground like they were on a trampoline.
I heard leaves making music as they crashed, crunched and clashed on to the ground like an enormous tom tom drum being beaten.
It made a sound like thunder.
I could see a crimson leaf swirling and twirling – twirling – twirling in the bright sunny morn. Leaves are memories floating down to be free.
I splash in pools of everlasting leaves.
Autumn, she blows the leaves.

Charlotte H 9 years 5 months, Year 5 Kohia Terrace School, Auckland.




It is a dull autumn morning.

The sun is peeping out from the clouds.

Insects are hiding in the golden leaves.

The colourful leaves look like a carpet on the damp ground.


 Zihao L Year 4 Age 8 Epsom Normal Primary


Autumn Treasure

The amber colours,
flutter down like soft balloons,
my cat follows the hibernating hedgehogs,
I get ready for the cold,
the blanket of sunset colours falls over me.

Ruby T Age 8, Y4, Ilam School



The Caretaker

As the children leave school

he sneaks out of his shed

with a rake and lawnmower.

He ruffles the bushes

and attacks the grass.

He rescues the leaves

and walks home.

His day is done.

Malo G 8 years old Fendalton Open Air School


Autumn Poem
Soft breeze pushing amber
Down to the lime green grass.
Popping candy pops
When I scrunch up
Scarlet red.
Twirling ballerinas
Falling to the ground.
Soft breeze
Pushing me away
From the beautiful leaves.
Oh, I love Autumn.

Abbie M, 8 years,  Year 4 Ilam School, Christchurch




The brown leaves

smell like sweet cinnamon

and are as crunchy

as a twig.

Light red leaves

slowly fall.

The ground is as bumpy

as a potato chip.

Trees are wet and bare.

William S  8 years Year: 4  St Andrews College, Christchurch


Falling Autumn Leaves

When I stepped out down came an autumn leaf

and landed swift and sound

with all the others,

all the autumn leaves in their many colours,

I watched in wonder.

By Lachie M 8yr Year 4 Mairangi Bay School, Auckland


Fire Red, Deep Brown, Pale Yellow

The Autumn leaves whirl around
like a hurricane in the chilly weather.
They have colours like fire red,
deep brown and pale yellow.
The trees, bare to the brim
are covered in sharp twigs.
It is as cold as ice.
My fingers are becoming numb
and my lips are turning blue.

Meg S, 9 years old, Year 5, Saint Andrew’s College, Christchurch.


Moonlight Autumn

In the sun of the Moonlight

I lay on the grass

with seven fireflies around me

I stand up and let the wind go by

I stand and say goodbye to Summer

and hello to Autumn after midnight

Seven minutes pass and I’m still

not tired.

Max Wilson Aged 6 Ilam School




Leaves fluttered down.

Trees blow in the wind.

They look like a skeleton.

Crunching like a ball of fire.

Maddie  Age 8  Year 4 Pāpāroa Street School Christchurch



Old ugly branches hung

like bats in their cave.

Bald tree

with curved witches nails.

The wind blew

like a tornado.

Leaves like red flames.

A nosy fantail followed me

for food.

 By Soverin T Y5 age 9 Russley School Christchurch



Autumn Wind

The autumn wind is a blowing circus.

The wind is like a tsunami.

The autumn wind is a rumbling tummy.


Nicholas T Age 7 Year 3 Pāpāroa Street School Christchurch



It’s getting darker now

My friends and I discuss in hushed voices

About how were getting ready to fall

When mother tree tucks us in

I dream about a world on the ground

By Daisy-Jane Lowe, age 11yrs Russley School




An innocent pile of leaves,

Drying in the morning sun.

The red-brown colours,

Fluttering in the crisp air.

The pile shifts,

Ever so slightly.



Out jumps my brother.

With damp leaves in his hair.

Isis W 13 years old Year 8 Selwyn House School



Thin old leaves

hang like a wrecking ball

on the end of a chain.


A curved purple leaf


on a thick brown branch.


A bald Silver Birch

stands like the Statue of Liberty

a leaf stem

as long as a baby snake.


Saffron leaves

like a bowl of nachos.


A game of rugby on a freezing icy day,

getting thrown on the ground

walking home with dirty legs.


By Gustavo D, age 10yrs, Russley School


I Love Autumn

I love the nice and cool autumn breeze

The way it raps its cold fingers around my knees.

I love watching the leaves get blown around

Down, down towards the ground.

I love the sound of the whispering trees

Moving back and forth as they please.

I love the taste of boiling hot stew

Waiting for winter to come to you.

I love the smell of sweet apple crumble

As soon as I see it, my tummy starts to rumble.

I love the feel, taste, sound, smell and sight.

I love autumn, but try as I might

I can’t find a way

To love winter in this way.

By Paige M West End School





The sun peeked behind the dead trees.

Wind raced around the place.

Leaves float gently down to the ground.

Ella X Year 4 8 years old Epsom Normal Primary


The Autumn Poem

Leaves, crackling, gold,

like a crunchy bar. Branches,

brown, thin, like an old man’s arms.

Leaves, quivering, hanging off.

Me and my friends play

rugby union at school, I hear people

yelling from the side line, I have

dirt on my legs and I’m laughing

and I have butterflies in

my stomach.

by Makenzy M, age 10 Russley School


My Little Autumn Tree

My little Autumn tree,
Stands strong and tall beside me.
Flaky branches reaching high,
Fingertips just scraping the sky.
The early morning frost makes you shiver,
But the warm fiery sun makes you shimmer.
Your crisp golden leaves twinkle and twirl,
And in the wind the whirl.
But my little Autumn tree,
What happens when your leaves begin to flee?
For they leave you all alone,
Cold and bare to the bone.
You watch them fly away,
Day after day.
Scattered beneath you,
Slowly drifting far away.
But don’t worry my little Autumn tree,
You’ll always have me.

Amy B Opaki School Age 12


Autumn poem

Leaves fall

slowly to the cold ground.


Red, orange, yellow everywhere,

not a drop of green in site.


Running through the colourful

crunching leaves, jumping

in wet leaf mountains.


Sleeping in warm toasty bed,

when the fire is out.


Waking up to a cold damp morning, ready for a new day.


Jenna L Age: 12 School: Opaki School



brown, old and ugly

like a witch’s nose

crunchy like stale bread.



bumpy like a climbing wall

swerve like big waves.


Leaves, red like a mad man

orange like juice

yellow like hard cheese.

By Bridget Egan, age 10yrs Russley School

Happy Birthday Gecko Press- some poems for you!

Screen shot 2015-07-17 at 3.20.27 PM

h a p p y      b i r t  h d a y      GECKO PRESS from young New Zealand poets!

Screen shot 2015-07-17 at 3.20.35 PM


This was such a popular challenge it has taken me AGES to read all the fabulous poems you sent in. What a great way to celebrate Gecko Press and all the gorgeous books they publish.

I have posted far more than I usually would as it is like a birthday party post with lots of poems.

I have picked these poets to send a Gecko Press book  (thanks Gecko Press for sending me the books!). I am never to old for a Gecko Press book whatever category it is.


Ruby T All the Dear Little Animals

Phoebe Snake and Lizard

Grace S  My happy Life

Emma C Donkeys

Sophie B A Book is a Book

ViewImage-3 ViewImage-2 ViewImage-4ViewImage-5viewimage-4


Here are some of my favourites:



My dog jumped over the log into a forest
I followed him.
We shrunk
and climbed into a beehive
where we met a wolf.
We danced with it
then we all had a feast of honey.
The hive was covered in diamonds.

Ruby T Age 7, Y3, Ilam School

Watch out crocodile!

Watch out crocodile for the king gorilla.

Watch out crocodile for the flying undies.

Watch out crocodile for the soaring Eagles.

Watch out crocodile for the talking bears.

Watch out crocodile for the elegant leopard.

Watch out crocodile for the chocolate monster.

Watch out crocodile for the charging bull.

Watch out crocodile for the flying boy.

By Grace S Age: 10 Year 6 Paparoa Street School


The Cake

Sitting on the table was a little blue cake,

And delicately sitting on top was a blue and white lake!

There were orange fish and a green lily pad.

It is beautiful until it gets cut by Dad!

Phoebe Age: 8 Year: 4 Fendalton School



The King and the Sea

My streak of green

My wind wiped mane

My white roar

My blue wave

The king breaks me

Then he fixes me

He comes and he goes

He is cycle of my life

I’d try to get free

I’d leave

But I’m stuck

and I’m here for life

Let me run

Let me soar

Let me call for freedom from the the king’s world

Let me be me

I am the sea

Emma C Age: 10 Selwyn House School



When Dad showed me the universe 

When Dad showed me the universe,

he showed me all the stars,

he taught me that some are close

and some are very far.


He told me that in the day

the sun sits way up high,

also that there’s other planets

we can’t see in the sky.


And at the end of the day,

when the night sky is going dark,

then it is the moon’s time

to shine brightly in the park.

Sophie  B 10 year old girl, a Year 6 student at Paparoa Street School



The Cake

There it is,
looking yummy with its strawberry
sauce driping down the edge’s.

There it is,
screaming for chocolate ice-cream
to sit next to it and keep it company.

There it is,
waiting patiently for a rainbow of
sprinkles to fall on to it.

There it is,
all that yummy strawberry sauce,
chocolate ice-cream and sprinkles-
Who ate the cake?!
I bet my pet Gecko did!
That naughty Gecko!

Tyler L, 11 years old, Paparoa street school in Christchurch


A book is a book
No matter how hard you try
It will stay as a book
As a book it will stay

It will never turn into a car
A book is a book
And that’s how it will stay.
Evie S I am eight years old and I am in Year 4. Fendalton School



Speed of Light
My feathers capture air
My talons grasp the sky
My plumage rustling in the breeze
My beak savouring the blue
They capture me
They shoot me down
They ensnare me
They trap and trick me
I’d be free if not for them
I’d glide faster than the light
But I think I can
And I think I will
Let me free
Let me glide faster than the light
Let me grasp the sky
Let me savour the blue, once more.

Harriet Compton-Moen, a 12 year old student in Year 8 at Selwyn House School


The Cake
The flame flickers,
coloured wax streams down,
the candles puff out,
the cake is sliced and separated,
bitten and beaten,
the life of a cake!

Ollie H Age : 10 Paparoa Street School



The king and the sea
Waves fold over the sand,
All you can hear is the soft sound of the ocean,
The king of the sea is content.

The fish swim blissfully,
they are in peace.

The fisherman up above drop down their nets.

The king of the sea is enraged,
His tranquil ocean disturbed.

By Isabella Read Age 12 Year 8 Selwyn House School


Speed of Light
Flashing right before
your eyes,
like the speed
of light,
or dragging ever
so slow,
like clouds roaming
the sky.

The seconds hand
with endless ticking,
blending with
the movements
of the minutes
and hours.

Right now it travels
at the speed of light
encased in it’s own place,
and it’s own

By Ewen W aged 12, Year 8, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch



Every day
one crocodile
walks to a tree but it doesn’t walk normally
it walks like me
He lives in a cave
and he wears a hat
but this is this
and that is that.
Liam F Fendalton School


The Cake

The Marshmallow cake, makes me bounce.

The bubbly cake, makes me gulp.

The pencil cake, makes me think.

The rubber cake, makes me forget.

The history cake, makes me remember.

 Ysabella H Year 4  Age: 8   School: Ilam School


Where is Rusty?
I have lost
My dog Rusty
He must be all dusty
In the garbage
Where is Rusty?
There you are Rusty!
You are dusty
I must give you
A bubbly bath
And Rusty said
I’m Rusty

Ruby S Age 6,   Year 2  Ilam School


The Cake

The cake with candles

The cake with icing,

Tastes so good,

The cake with colour,

The cake with flavour,

Tastes so nice

Oh really nice.


The cake with texture,

The cake with passion,

Tastes so delicious

Oh really delicious

By Cooper H Paparoa Street School


The Cake

The cake is humongous!

The cake is chocolate!

Just waiting…

To be gobbled

I stare longingly

At the rising cake

Which is oozing

As fast as the speed of sound

I licked my chops,


Emma E Age: 8 Year: 4 Fendalton School


Where is Rusty?

Barbed wire,

a dog,

lying stranded,

the colour of a deer,

a black spot,


his left eye,


gaping out,

of his bare legs,

in need,

of a home.

Natalie H Age: 10 yrs Year: 6 Fendalton School


My Cousin skipped out with my cake while toppling all over the place
I held my breath
Hoping it wouldn’t tip,
she banged into the fridge
Knocking over the dip
Everyone jumped for joy
When she made it to the table
But then it slid off the table
That was the end of the cake!

Alice, I am 11 years old and go to Paparoa Street School


The Cake

The mountain of pudding
rises from it’s place
on a tray.

Icing, like fluffy clouds
floats on a soft sponge.

Layers of colour
meet the ceiling
and cease to move.

Jam joins slices
of cake to the next.

Toffee tunnels through
the centre and oozes out.

It’s sweet taste
leaves you waiting
for more.

Sadly its only part
of my imagination.

Vivien S 10 years old Paparoa Street School

A Book is a Book

You can take it to a nook

And have a look

It’s good for a cook

Less so for a crook


You can read it in the car

Or carefully in the spa

Take it near or far

Even teach yourself guitar!


A book can help you have a rest

Get you ready for a test

And some of the best

are published By Gecko Press!!!

By Gemma L Adventure School


Speed of Light

In the dark

The cheetah stalks

Muscular legs

Moonshine eyes


A bush moves

The cheetah sneaks

Twitching tail

Bristling fur


An animal races

The cheetah chases

Desert plains devoured

Fast as the Speed of Light


In the dark

The cheetah dashes

Successful attack

Deadly predator

Daniel L Adventure School