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It’s like walking on icing sugar!

When I can I will keep a poetry diary of my mini holiday. In keeping with the week’s competition I will try and include food and at least one simile. This is a true story!

It is nice to be in the beautiful south!

I was going to cycle the Queenstown trail today but will rest my bruise and wander Queenstiwn with my girls instead.

The Remarkables

It’s like walking on icing sugar
polka dot clouds in the sky
sun shining but it’s the four
layers that keep me warm.

I am zigzagging down hill
crisp mountain air sweet
on my cheeks, when
slam smash thump

a snowboarder
tackles me to the snow
his snowboard slamming
into my leg at break leg speed.

The bag of snow bites
into my bruise.
The tomato soup,
hot spicy creamy,
goes down my throat
like exploding pockets
of sunshine.