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a thank you letter and no more Autumn

It is always special when you get a thank-you letter. And this one even has a Spring poem in the middle of it which is really cool. I was delighted to read Hannah’s poem. On a gusty wet day just what you need!

Hi Paula

Thanks for the wonderful book that you have sent me. I read it a few days ago and thought it was quite good.  I thought it was great for you to come to Redcliffs School and tell us some of your poems. I’ve made you a poem – I hope you like it.


Spring is….

baby animals everywhere
pretty flowers here and there
trees blossoming all around
no more autumn leaves on the ground


Bye bye for now

Hannah xoxo (Redcliffs School – Year 3)

Ewen says there is Spring in the air

Another lovely poem to celebrate Spring. This one is by Ewen from Fendalton Open Air School in Christchurch.


Daffodils prancing

in light breezes,

magnolias dancing

like the birds.


September, October

and November,

months of flowers

and normally sun…


Spinach radish

chives you may grow,

lettuce turnips

basil also.


But the best of it

is the grass

tickling my ankles,

it’s spring at last.


Ewen  aged 11, Year 6, Fendalton Open Air Primary School, Christchurch

Ella’s spring poem gallops

Spring Poem

The blue sky hides no secrets over head. Not a cloud in sight. The trees sway in the gentle waft of wind. The saddle leather squeaks, and the reins feel slick between my fingers. Sienna launches into a gallop beneath me. I rock with her long stride. Memory Lane. Just the thought sends a shiver up my spine. Towering willows lean over  the sandy race. Wild jasmine and rosemary bushes hunch to the side, trying not to fall into the clear, giggling creek below. A skylark sings purely from a liquid amber, her red breast flashing against the glaring sun. I smile, my heart fizzing with love. I rock easily in the saddle, listening to Sienna’s pounding hooves. A herd of pure Angus cattle low restlessly in a side paddock, the smell of cud lingering in the air like a good dream. Life could not be more perfect.

Ella S
12 years
Year 8
Ohaupo School