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Have a go at a mystery box poem at Storylines

Come visit our Poetry Corner!

I have just made some Mystery Box Poem Competitions for Storylines Family Day in Auckland.  August 18th at Aotea Centre

I do hope you come along and write a poem. It starts at 10 am.  I will be reading at 10.30

and Elena de Roo at 11.30.

Then at 11 am it is Bring Your Poem to Read. Would love to hear YOU read one of your own poems.

Go to Storylines to find out more about the day.

Look forward to saying hello!




Will you read at the Poetry Corner? Or will you write? Please share!

This is what is happening at the Poetry Corner at the Storylines Family Day in Auckland on Sunday 18th August. I would love to meet you and do hope you bring a poem to read!

10.00 The Mystery Box Poem Competition opens (closes at noon).

10.30 Paula Green reads her poems with a sneak preview of her new ones.

11.00 Bring your own poem to read (there will a prize or two!)

11.30 Elena de Roo reads her poems ( I am a big fan).

12.00 Write a poem for Poetry Box and I will post my favourites.

12.30 Paula and Elena read poems together and then announce the winners of the Mystery Box Poetry Competition and get some of you to read your poems.

Throughout the day Elena and I will be at signing tables too. Do come and say hello.

Calling on all young Auckland poets who would like to read at Storylines in the Poetry Corner

There will be a Poetry Corner at the Storylines Family Day in Auckland on Sunday 18th August at the Aotea Centre (mostly from 10 until 12.30).

I am inviting you to bring a poem you have written to read at 11 am.  I will post the Poetry Corner timetable in a few days.

There will also be a Mystery Box Poetry Competition where you get to write some poems.

And I will be reading some of my brand new poems at 10.30 and some old ones.

I do hope to meet some of you.

Plus you will get to hear the wonderful Elena de Roo!

Bring your own poem to read at Storylines

I am going to be doing all kinds of poetry things at Storyline’s Family Day in Auckland.

It’s on Sunday 18th August at Aotea Centre. I will be in the Poetry Corner with Elena de Roo mostly.

I will tell you all about next week.

But I thought it would be great if some of you read your own poems too.

So hunt out one of your poems and come and read it. I will tell you the exact time for this next week.

Elena and I will be reading our own poems and will have some poem writing activities with prizes.

And we will be signing books at different times.

Tell you all about it next week but would love to meet you and hear you read. We will have prizes too.