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Jack, a young poetry fan from Christchurch has reviewed The Letterbox Cat and Other Poems

Letterbox Cat    jack may 2014

Jack emailed me and asked if he could review my book and I thought what a great idea! I told him he could go ahead on the condition he said what he really thought. I am hoping children reviewing poetry books will become a regular feature on the blog. Jack goes to Fendalton Open Air School and is aged ten. (Do get in touch if you would like to review a poetry book …. old or new).

This is a great review! I am full of delight. My first review. What a lovely start for my new book.








4.5 stars

Paula seems to like to write poems about animals, the weather and the seasons. In this book she also likes to play with her words and shape them on the page as the poem. I really like the poems that look like their subject, for example my favourite poem Nice Ice is in the shape of a melting icecream!

I love the way Paula describes every day things that makes you think of them in different ways. For example ‘The Rollercoaster’ is described as “a speed-boasting, stomach-churning, back-breaking, neck-cricking, most definitely absolutely awesomely fun chair!”

I wonder if Paula wrote The Letterbox Cat (the poem and the title of the book) to fit with her well-known website named Poetry Box…and have you noticed that some of her poems include the word box too…?

My favourite simile is in her poem, ‘Rain,’ when it says “the rain drops on my umbrella are like little girls in tap-dancing shoes”. Paula’s poem about rain inspired me to write a poem about rain too, which I have included below.

Thank you Paula for creating a truly pleasurable poetry book, filled with many playful poems. It is cleverly designed to make us think, imagine, dream and enjoy some special time ‘out of the box’ !


Screen shot 2014-08-23 at 3.58.36 PM

(Note from PAULA: I took a screen shot so you can see the colour)

The Rain by Jack Prebble

The Rain

The Cold Rain patters on the roof

The Clear Rain makes puddles on the ground

The wet Raindrops, showers on my head

Black Ice frozen Rain

Rain can be a danger

Rain could be death

Rain makes me sad.


Writing poetry-book reviews for Poetry Box –an invitation for children

A Christchurch student has asked me if he could write a review of my new book, The Letterbox Cat and Other Poems to post on my blog. I was very delighted he would want to do this!

I said yes because I loved the idea of posting reviews by children. I am happy to post a few more of my new book on the condition you are honest and say what you love along with what you don’t love about the book. I won’t be offended.

But thanks to Jack, I have had the great idea of posting children’s reviews of poetry books on the blog (up to Y8).


1. You write the review.

2. Make sure you include the author’s name, the title of the book and the publisher (for example Scholastic or Random House).

3. You can also write a short bio of yourself.

4. I can post your photo if I get parental permission.

5. I get the book cover image and the author photo and hey presto it’s ready to post.

6. Send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com

7. Include your name, age, year and name of school.


I am going to start a review page you can click on the at the top of my blog where you can get tips on reviewing and this info.