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The Treasury Interviews: Westmere School’s Room 10 interview Melanie Drewery — My favourite poem is one about a heart-shaped stone

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Room 10 Westmere School Biography We are a year 3-4 class at Westmere School in Auckland. We are twenty four delightful, smart middle school children aged 7 to 9. Our classroom is full of laughter and fun

Melanie Drewery Biography Melanie Drewery is a New Zealand author who writes a lot of fiction books for children. She has wretten many children’s books, many of which have won awards. She has visited lots of different countries, and some of her books are based on true events and adventures. Melanie Drewery has a lot of different jobs, including being an illustrator, artist, teacher and librarian.

9780143503750    9780143503866

The Interview:

What is your favourite thing to write about, and why? My favourite thing to write about is people. People are full of surprises and my characters sometimes do things I didn’t expect.

How old were you when you started writing and why did you start? I have been writing since I first learned how, when I was small. I just never stopped. I kept writing as an adult because I enjoy it so much and life would be empty without it.

Do you have any pets and if so, what are they? I have plenty of pets because I live on a farm. They are: a black and white dog called Iggy, a bay horse called Boogy, a palimino horse called Blondini, two tabby cats called Uli and Brambles, 10 chickens with silly names, and tame sheep, who are spotty.

What is your favourite thing to draw, and why? I like painting best, and once again, my subject is usually people.

How do you come up with a good title? To come up with a good title, it is best to wait until the story or poem is finished. Then it will be easy because the writing will show it to you.

Where do you find inspiration for writing poetry? There is inspiration for writing poetry everywhere, but most especially in the beautiful things, or the small everyday things, and the strong feelings I have.

What was your very first book about? My first published book was Nanny Mihi and the Rainbow, about some children playing with their Grandma on a beach. (Note from Paula: There is a whole series of these books and they are much loved.)

Which is your favourite poem that you have written, and why? My favourite poem is one about a heart-shaped stone, and if that is a miracle or not.

What a great interview thank you Melanie and Room 10. Melanie has two very beautiful night poems in A Treasury of NZ Poems for Children.

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