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A winter video poem wrap



This was the first time I have posted a video poem challenge. for a month. I was a bit worried it might mean some children who love writing poems but didn’t have access to ways to film things would miss out. But I did want too stretch the life of poems.

What a winter banquet of words and images! I loved the different approaches from ultra easy to trickier. I especially loved hearing the joy in your voices as you read your poetry. That love of words just made me want to write my own wintry poem.

Some schools got so enthused! Special congratulations to Russley School and Royal Oak School for all your gorgeous poems.


I am so sorry I couldn’t get it to work for some of you. Next year I will give tips to help avoid this.


This is not a competition but a challenge where I share the book love by giving away a few copies of my A Treasury of NZ Poetry for Children.

I am sending a copy to Rebecca Boye’s class at Royal Oak Primary School and a copy to Annette Ward’s class at Russley Primary School.


If you put winter video poem in the search sidebar you will see the whole magnificent festival but here are a few tasty links.



Marat’s poem is full of gorgeous rhythms and word sounds. Age 9, Y5, Royal Oak School

Ooooh I listened to Yaashi’s poem three times in a row it is so good!  Listen out for ‘the shiny silver droplets pelleting down like a swarming storm’. Age: 9 Year: 5  Royal Oak Primary School

Daniel is aged 9, in Year 5 and goes to Adventure School in Porirua. This terrific winter poem involves a cat and a dragon!

What a magnificent ode to ice! Tom N Age 9 Year 5 Hoon Hay School

Asher’s poem pops with bright winter detail – and has a little story running through. Love it! 9 years old , year 5, Royal Oak Primary School

Leah F, age 10 yrs,  goes to Russley School. The poem dances with delicious wintry words and a warm cosy ending.

Kyla H (age 10 yrs), a Russley School year 5/6 student. So many wonderful things make this poem – purple boot, elephants, a giraffe!

Zoe goes to St Andrew’s School – I really like the movement in her poem.

Annette Ward’s Room 17 wrote this poem about their first winter at school. They are a Year 0-1 class at Russley School, who have only started school this year. I love the way you have gathered wintry words and made them sound so good!

St Francis’s School’s Room 3 used puppets! They are Year 3/4 aged 7 and 8. Some lively wintry lines in a lively wintry poem. I adored this.


Once I started adding links I realised what a treasure trove this is for you to go hunting in. I loved the challenge so much because it is full of the joy of words and poetry.

t h a n k  y o u  p o e t r y   fa n s!

check out my July challenge in next day or so xxx









A winter video poem from Russley School 5 year olds




Annette Ward and the wonderful kids of Room 17 wrote this poem. 

We are Room 17 at Russley School. Here is our poem about our first winter at school. We are a year 0-1 class, we are all five years old and have only started school this year. 


I love the way you have gathered wintry words and made them sound so good! PG