I visit schools at all levels through the New Zealand Book Council Writers-in-Schools programme and privately. I am happy to tailor a session to suit your needs. I can perform my poetry to large or small groups and I am happy to do poetry workshops.

You may contact the NZBC if you are a member or me: paulajoygreen@gmail.com


10 thoughts on “Teachers

  1. Dion Paxie

    At Redcliffs School the children love to see all the poems within the Poetry Box and of course the great challenges. We have started a poetry group on top of our weekly poems in response to this great webpage.

  2. Nakeeta jade Hampton

    Hi Paula green this is nakeeta I’m from Pomaria primary school and I made up four new poems for you to hear 1.I wonder what your favourite colour is I wonder if your dead or hugging a ted 2.Cats are fat like mats and mats fly like bats .3.Are you scared or fared of singing in the shed 4.Lollie pops are round and brown and they have a big frowns 5.123 as easy as cooking peas

  3. Ita

    Chim chimney chimp chimp cheroo you can slide do like you and that’s sanctuary too and blow me a kiss and that’s lucky too
    By Ita

  4. Josette

    1.Lazy Lazed Lazey cat what are you doing in my beb. I am sleeping in your beb what are you doing I am going to sleep in my beb you Lazey Lazey cat go and play whth you toys out sad you can have lot of fun.
    2. Nutty food
    Penut butter on peach
    Wat a treat.
    Eggs on toast.
    Jelly on Ice-cream.
    Chocolate on banana.
    Ice-cream on cake.
    jelly on fish.
    Yummy yummy yummy What a treat.


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