26 thoughts on “Books

    1. Paula Green Post author

      This book was a finalist in the New Zealand Post Book Awards Junior Fiction category a few years ago. It was well received! At this stage I only do poetry books although I am making an exception for picture books that are poetic (many are!). At some stage in the future I might venture into novels that have some kind of ‘poetry’ running through them. Thanks for the tip though as I love promoting NZ books.

    2. Georgie

      Hi Paula
      Firstly I love the poems that go on nz poetry box and they are really good
      secondly, thank you for giving us a big opportunity by letting us do this
      From, Georgie, Selwyn house school!

  1. Monica

    Hey Paula,
    Pinehurst Year 7 English classes are going to the writes festival. Can’t wait to see you there!
    Monica 🙂

  2. Monica

    Hey Paula,
    Again. I am turning 11 in two days on Sunday 13th April 2014 YAY! Having a party with my friends on Sunday! Sarah that posted is also coming too! She is one of my best friends and she comes to the same school as me. She is sitting right next to me! LOL!
    Monica 😀

  3. Alka

    Hi Paula
    I’m from Royal Oak Primary school
    It was fun knowing you
    I have the letterbox cat book
    And I would like to recommend a book called SWAT it has different countries names on it
    Gotta run

  4. Christina

    Hi, Paula I would like to recommend a magazine called Toitoi that has stories as well as poems but it’s really cool people contribute to it from all around New Zealand.


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