My Poems

The Hat

Inside Mrs Magee’s hat

you will find a cat

a door stop, a rolling pin

a rubbish bin, a floor mop

a game of Pictionary

an English dictionary

some very baggy pants

and an overcrowded nest of ants,

some bickering bees

and a nephew that’s hard to please.

With such a menagerie

the hat is terrifyingly tall

and Mrs Magee keeps

her poor head bald!

© Paula Green  Macaroni Moon illustrations by Sarah Laing published by Random House 2009

Which Jack?

A Jack in the box
a Jack in his socks
a Jack in the moon
a Jack in tune
a Jack on the grass
a Jack’s gone past
a Jack on a camel
a Jack and his flannel
a Jack climbing rocks
a Jack in a box.

You can tell by this poem I love rhyme. I like delicious Dr Seuss rhyme and I like rhyme that does trickier things.

Bill Manhire is a whizz at rhyme. Sometimes on the end of the line, sometimes not. Sometimes plain, sometimes not.

The rhymes he uses add a delicious music to his poetry. I think I would like to try writing a poem about what else could be in the box.

Like a pair of stripy socks or a ticking clock.

27 thoughts on “My Poems

  1. Amber Dann

    I think your poems are great you came to my school yesterday ( wee dons school) I was the girl who wrote about the wolf.
    From Amber Dann

  2. Elise

    Dear Paula Green
    I really like your poetry collection ‘dear heart’ it is very nice and I love the illustrations.

  3. James

    i really like your website as it has loads of poetry and it is really interesting,thank you for setting up workshops for our school with you it was really interesting and i am looking forward to the next session from James at matarau school in whangarei

      1. James

        today is going to be our last session in the staff room. i have really enjoyed our session and i will miss them . thanks for giving us lessons on poetry Paula

        from James at Matarau school whangrei

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