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Reading Festival: The Boring Book by Vasanti Unka is NOT at all boring

cv_the_boring_book-1   cv_the_boring_book-1

(shh! this not a boring book, this is a superduper book what ever the title says)

I started the Reading Festival with a book and I am finishing it with a book!

The Boring Book by Vasanti Unka is about some words in a really boring book that decide it is time to have fun. So they don’t just stay in straight rows, they slip and slide on the page. And they make pictures of things (like we have been doing in our picture poems). And they  go outside and jump into signs. BUT they got so noisy everyone got cross and all the words VANISHED!

And how do you think the world was then?


Write and tell me what you think the world would be like with no words or books!

Send to Include your name, age, year and name of school. I will have a spot prize for a favourite answer.

Reading Festival: a very jumpy dog poem by Raevyn


Raevyn goes to Russley School in Christchurch and was inspired by Margaret Mahy’s Dashing Dog poem to write one herself. I loved reading this with its dashing lines and bouncy words. Great job!

I have a kind dog

she is a really playful dog

I love her to bits

and she loves me too

she is a German shepherd

a very jumpy dog

she gets excited when she sees people

my dog knows how to do tricks

my dog is very tricky to play to play with

she is a speedy dog

my dog loves going in the river

she is so speedy that I can’t  beat her



By Raevyn, Year 5

Reading Festival: Ewen makes a dark kingdom out of book titles

I love the idea of keeping a reading book. I go to a Book Club for YA books and I have kept a notebook where I write about the books I have read. But I only do it for that. Maybe next year I will keep a notebook where I jot down thoughts on all the poetry books I read. Ewen has used her reading book to find titles to make into a poem. I had fun reading this!

Ewen aged 11, Year 6, Fendalton Open Air Primary School, Christchurch

Hi Paula,

I have written this poem out of books I have read this year. At Fendalton School we have a Book Club (lead by our awesome librarian Desna) and at the beginning of the year we were given this book to write any ‘booky’ things in there so I recorded all the books I read.  Thank you for making these fun challenges.

I hope you enjoy reading my poem!

Dark Kingdom

syren wails on dark days

on those days
shadow is cast

upon the little princess.

She lives in 
The Kingdom of the Wicked

where magyk has ruled

since ‘The Arctic Incident‘.

Every street
has a path of the beasts

leaving trash
in their trail.

Not last night but the night before

she sat in the secret garden

red rocks lay in the middle.

She stroked them softly


She was transported to Siberia

now free
from The Kingdom of the Wicked.


Reading Festival: Gemma has a book nook

Two lovely poems from Gemma. Thanks, your poems have painted pictures for me!

Dear Paula


I am glad my book arrived safely!

I have written 2 poems this week.


I hope you like reading them as much as I liked writing them!


Thank you from


Age 7

Year 3

Adventure School




1. My favourite place to read


The Book Nook


In my book nook

I hear only the flutter of the pages

As I read on

Until I finish the book


But then I start another.

I feel quite peaceful

I smell the ink on the pages

I taste the excitement of the story


No one knows I’m in my nook

It is my cave

Books surrounding me like bears

But I see only words


2. A poem as the favourite character

The Silver Chair


Through the portal

Falling deep

Sent by Aslan

To find Green Kirtle

Quest hijacked

Spells and tricks

Under me

Rescue me

In the name of Aslan

Before it is too late

Reading Festival: last day!

What a busy few weeks it has been on Poetry Box celebrating reading with all your help!

I have a few more things to post today and then on Monday I will announce the spot prizes.

A big thanks to everyone who joined in! Yesterday was the last day for entries to all the challenges as today I am making my picks.

Thanks to you, I have a little list of books to go on the hunt for — just as I am about to enjoy my summer reading months. Bliss!