This Week on Poetry Box & Making Lists

For the next two weeks we are going to play with list poems on Poetry Box. I have always loved poems that have a list of things in them. I like writing list poems and I like reading list poems. I even wrote a whole book where I played with lists in poems for adults (Making Lists for Frances Hodgkins published by Auckland University Press).

Today I am going to give you a challenge that you will have ten days to work on with a prize for the winner. On Tuesday I will give you some tips for writing list poems, on Wednesday I will give you some list starting points, on Thursday I will tell you about Bill Manhire who has written my favourite list poems of all time (I am not exaggerating!) and he will answer some questions, and on Friday I will post one of my list poems for children.

So yes, I am very excited about the next two weeks because I can’t wait to see what you write.

Your challenge is to write a poem that has a list of things in it. List poems can work in all sorts of ways as you will discover over the next week or so.

Send to Don’t forget to include your name, age, year, school and name of teacher and teacher’s email address. DEADLINE 9am Thursday 18th April.

The winner will receive a copy of my book of animal poems, Flamingo Bendalingo (it has a list poem in that I had great fun writing!). A big thanks to Auckland University Press for this prize.  I will also post a bunch of my favourites.

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