The results of the foreign-word challenge: a parapluie poem

Xanthe sent me in my favourite poem for this challenge. She has played with a French word (parapluie), but has also played with how the poem looks on the page. I love the way she has made her poem in the shape of an umbrella. The poem itself is like a little nursery rhyme! I enjoyed this poem very much Xanthe and hope she sends in more poems to Poetry Box. Thanks to Gecko Press, she will get a copy of the book below. Congratulations Xanthe!

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 3.30.21 PM

Thanks to Gecko Press I am sending you a copy of the delightful My Village: Rhymes from around the world. Collected by Danielle Wright, gorgeously illustrated by Mique Moriuchi, introduction by the fabulous Michael Rosen. Published in 2008. ‘Gecko Press brings you curiously good books from around the world.’

myvillagecovcase:Layout 1

4 thoughts on “The results of the foreign-word challenge: a parapluie poem

  1. Jane Arthur

    What a fantastic poem, Xanthe! We love when stories (and poems) have a sense of humour. And a perfect topic for this rainy spring. Thanks and congratulations! From Julia and Jane at Gecko Press

  2. Sue Wootton

    Hey Xanthe – congratulations! I love your Parapluie poem. It’s clever and witty and kind of magical. When I read it, it blooms open in my mind – just like a parapluie! From Sue xx


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