Posting poems on Poetry Box – a remarkable car or two excuse the pun

Next year I will introduce a new timetable of things on Poetry Box as I aim to have a busy year writing!

But this year I always post my favourite poems from the challenges I set.

I sometimes post my favourite poems that have come from a school visit.

I don’t post poems sent to me that don’t fit these two things as I need time to do my own work.

This poem was sent to me after my visit to the fabulous Remarkables Primary School in Queenstown on Wednesday. I suggested all kinds of poetry things but one thing we played with was the last line of poem. I suggested testing out five different endings. I really like the ending Maddy came up with in this poem. Great job Maddy!


Cars roar
Cars glide
Cars run along the highway
Cars crash
Cars smash
Cars slip here and there
Cars go to the garage and have a nap.

Maddy -Age 8-Year 4-Remarkables Primary School-Class Whenua 2

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