Poetry Box lockdown poetry challenge

Poetry might be just the ticket while you are in lockdown.

If you are Y0 to Y8 you can try my August poem challenge. I will post poems at the end of the month and as soon as i can with have books to give away.

I love looking at the sky. I love the way it has a thousand moods: gloomy bright cloudy blue. Looking at the sky I just breathe in beauty and then I daydream. I often find the sky sneaks into my poems.

For August I challenge you to write a SKY poem.

Collect sky words: colours, movement, cloud words, night, day, patterns, similes.

Write a sky memory.

Go outside and describe the sky in a poem.

Play with sky words and make a pattern poem with words.

Write your sky poem then turn it into a picture poem (a shape poem, concrete poetry).

Write a sky-story poem.

Look at the sky and skydream

Deadline: 29th August

Send to: paulajoygreen@gmail.com

Include: name, age, year, name of school or homeschooled

Don’t forget to put SKY POEM in subject line so I don’t miss it

I will post some favourites near end of month and have a few books to give away

I read all the poems at the end of the month and get back to you then

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