Poetry Box reading: Belinda O’Keefe reads The Day the Plants Fought Back

Listen to Belinda O’Keefe read The Day the Plants Fought Back (Scholastic 2019).

The book has been shortlisted in the Best First Book category of the NZ Children’s book awards this year. It is illustrated by Richard Hoit.



Belinda lives in Christchurch with her husband, two sons and two Russian blues. She is a freelance copy editor and the sub-editor of latitude magazine. Belinda has a passion for language and books – she loves reading so much that she does it for a living, as well as for pleasure. In fact she can’t remember the last time she was without a book to read!

Belinda was shortlisted for the Storylines Joy Cowley Award in 2016 and 2017, and in 2019 she had her first picture book, The Day the Plants Fought Back published with Scholastic New Zealand. She gets most of her inspiration from her two boys, and her youngest son’s slime obsession gave her a light bulb moment for the plot of Recipe for Disaster. Recipe for Disaster was the 2020 Storylines Tom Firtzgibbon Award winner





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