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My visit to Remuera Primary School filled me with sizzling poetry

I saw the whole school! I shared poems and we made up poems. I got all the Year 5s and then all the Year 6s in the hall writing ‘Library’ poems for their book week. What fun! What a wonderful way to finish my school visits for the term.

Here are two of my favourites:

The Library
When I go to my school library
It’s my free ticket to….
Unknown mysteries and treacherous histories,
Trojan Wars and American Smores,
Fairy tale romance and a royal slow dance,
Seas of the past and deserts that are vast.
But nowhere is better than home.

BY MILA Room 23 (Year 5 or 6) Remuera Primary School


My School Library

My school library

is my free ticket to

the vast plains of Africa

the muddy trenches of the First World War

to life on a strange planet.

The library is the place for travel around

the world and through time.

William, 9 (Year 5 or 6) Remuera Primary School