An Ode to Cricket at Kings School and a couple of Storms!

photo 1

Last week I visited Y5 and 6 students at Kings School. I especially loved the way the very lovely librarian made a display of my books and a poem with my name running down the middle –an inventive form of an acrostic poem. How creative! What a warm welcome!

In our session we played with lines, I read poems and we made up poems together.

The exciting cricket semi-final between New Zealand and South Africa had been on the night before so we finished up by hunting for lines that might go in ‘An Ode to Cricket.’ This is what we came up with. I thought it would be fun to play with the lines and do a second draft which I have posted after our first draft.

photo 2


Ode to Cricket

Pitching the hard ball

the bat swings

the bat whips the ball

the bat sweeps the ball

explodes blasts flashes

the ball out of the park,


lifting over

cries and cheers from the crowd,

ear-splitting screeches.

The bowler sweats with pressure

pitching the ball hard.



After that I did three workshops on the sorts of things I do when I am building up to a poem. We hunted for words and we hunted for lines. I heard some terrific lines from each of the groups. One class used this starting point to come up with their completed storm poems. Their teacher sent me two of her favourites. I really loved the way the students rolled up their sleeves and got stuck into writing poems with imaginations searching and vocabularies soaring. It was a great visit! Thank you.


The Storm
Thrashing rain

Devastating crashes

Wind whipping trees

Dogs howling for mercy

Thunder smashes lightning

Crackles endlessly

Triumphant trees stripped

Through the rages the sun still shines

By Denis Y5



The rain is gushing away

Old newspapers rustling in the sky

No cars to be seen

Leaves running into the sunset

The wind fading up to the gods

By Matthew Y5



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