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Poetry Box bubble time: listen to my moon poems and try moon challenges





Paula Green reads moon poems from Macaroni Moon (Random House) and Groovy Fish ( The Cuba Press)


Moon challenges


Find some moon facts and hide them in a poem

Collect moon words and make a moon poem pattern

Use one of my poems and write your own version

Write a poem about the moon and SOMETHING ELSE!

Write a poem using fresh moon similes

Write a poem that is moon imaginative

Write a poem that is moon real

Write a funny moon poem

Write a serious moon poem

Do a moon illustration

Do a moon comic strip

Record your moon poem





send to  paulajoygreen@gmail.com

please include your name age and name of school

don’t forget to put NAME OF challenge in subject line so I don’t miss it

don’t put your surname on drawings or paintings or collages (Poetry Box policy)


There is no deadline while we are living in our bubbles! Every Friday I will post some work by children.

I will always answer your emails but not straightaway. If I haven’t replied after 3 or 4 days nudge me as I may have missed it.

I will have at least one book to give away each Friday.



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Loads of MAKING ideas inside and outside

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kia kaha

keep well

keep imagining

At Port Chalmers: Fly me to a poem moon

The Year 2 students at Port Chalmers School are so inventive when it comes to the moon.

Little beautiful moons began to glow on the page as the poems grew and shone.


I have such a soft spot for moon poems so how special to make these with you all.

The moon poems were all spectacular but here are a few for you to enjoy.



The moon glows in the night

it twinkles in the dark sky

it’s like diamonds in a cave

the moon reminds me

of apples

Adelphi Y2


The Moon

White as a light

blinding my eyes

Astronauts jumping

craters, it’s bumpy

on the moon

Olivia Y2


The Moon

The moon is shimmering

it is like gold

it’s like a

little bulb

it blinds my eyes

I like the moon.

Charlie Y2


Sparkles of the Moon

The moon sparkles in

dark light


the silver dome


The moon is in

space as it twinkles

silver and white

watch it as it


Rosa Y2


The Moon

The moon shivers

it shines bright

rockets blasting off

it moves slowly

it is yellow

George Y3


The Shapes of the Moon

New moon crescent moon

half moon

grid moon full moon

the moon is silver

Sammi Y2



Some of my favourite moon poems

A record number of poems arrive for the moon challenge. The moon is a really popular thing to write about. I love it because it is both beautiful and mysterious.

And such good poems. It was really hard picking just a few so I have picked just a few more than just a few as they were so good and all so different.

A number of classes sent a bundle of moon poems. Wonderful!

Congratulations if I picked you this time. If I didn’t, do have a go at another challenge.

I am sending books this time to Sophia, Ansh, Razan and Clara but every moon poem sent in deserves a book.


Albatross Moon

The moon is a big albatross

on the lookout.


The moon is

red as blood.


The moon sets

the sky on fire.

Sophia M (year 3)  Russley School


The Moon

The moon is an orb glowing big and bright.
This is the beautiful thing I see at night.
The big mysterious white circle in the sky.

It’s in the sky, up so high.

Ben H Age 11, Year 7, St Peter’s School


My Lunch

It feels like
or Swiss
but rocky
Zero gravity…
takes rockets…
the moon….
or my lunch…
on a string
(with tomato sides).

By Clara M Age 8 Ilam School


Pounamu Moon

The moon is a pounamu ring

worn by one of the Gallipoli men.

It is a beaming flashlight

flickering through the night.

It is a memory

dragging me back to my Loved Ones.

Raevyn H (year 7)  Russley School


A full moon

A full moon is like you and me, one half for you the other for me
A full moon is like moon cheese, nom nom nom I love moon cheese

A full moon is like a dinner plate, with chocolate pudding and strawberry cake
A full moon is like you and me, together let’s have moon glee

Ansh 8 years Golden Sands School



Big white balloon

shining at night

floating in the sky


Fin C 11 years old Yr 7 St Peter’s School



HAPPY MOON by Takeru Oki jpg version


Space Poem

Space has a silver sliced peach that floated away from the sun

it turned cold and froze, it became our moon

there was a clear view of earth from that ancient peach

it was where aliens watched it rolling around

they wonder if we see them as they see us

I wish I had a telescope, a shining metal tube

I wish to see Jupiter and explore space,

to ask people as many questions

about things I am interested in

or to find out myself.

Izak K Y6 Russley School



Monstrous ball of grey marble
Oh you spin and spin around our planet
On and on you go growing and shrinking between your phases
No more of you until it falls nighttime my grey ball of marble

Nerissa 11 years old, Year 7 St Peter’s School


Up High

Up high the moon smiles,
glow sticks on its face,
the crystal ball that
predicts the future,
of the day to come.

Up high there’s a torch,
and a banana,
slowly but surely,
orbiting the Earth.

Up high sometimes it’s
full, sometimes it’s half,
sometimes it’s empty,
each day it changes.

Up high there’s a moon,
so far, yet so close.

Ewen W aged 12, Year 8, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch


Moon messages

I stare up at the moon,

Shining in the night.

I think of Lola,

Looking up at the same moon.

Miles and miles away.

Across the ocean.

But it’s still the same moon.

The day I left,

We made a promise,

To send our messages for each other,

To the moon.

To talk to each other.

I listen hard.

I make myself nothing.

And feel,

I miss you Freya.

Echoing through the night.

I call back,

Thinking with all my might,

I miss you too, Lola.

I hope she gets my message.

I hope the moon will hold my message for her,

Until her night-time.

Isis W 12 Years old Year 7  Selwyn House School



The Moon

The sun inhales it’s final breath
The moon grabs it’s first breath
The ball of rock lights your way
Mysterious yet delightful
The moon will always be watching you

By Ted 8 years Golden Sands School



The Shadow

The moon is a sad face

shining light down to us


The moon is a yellow banana


It is a rugby ball

flying through the stadium


The moon spins really fast


The moon shining silver shadows

on the world

Josh T. (year 4) Russley School


The Moon

The moon

was once

a rock in a lagoon,

before she rose into the sky,

and became something

we all admire

shining through with her angelic halo

through the shadows

with her beautiful silvery glow.

Imogen C, aged 8. Homeschooled



I stand next to the tide,

on the beach,

and stare up to the stars.

I reach out my hand,

thinking that it’s close enough,

but in my mind i know it’s far.

Out from the fog,

out from the shadows,

appears a circle of light.

A constant globe of beauty,

ghostly and mysterious,

that appears at night.

My name is Razan, I am Year 7 and 11 years old, I am from St Peters



Poetry Bonanza Monday; the marvellous moon, the mysterious moon and I’m on the hunt for reviews and interviewers

photo 2



Well I am so happy after such a happy weekend to celebrate my 60th birthday. NZ poets made an amazing birthday gift for me that you can see here. I cried! Every time I choose a new poem to read I cry!  I am so moved by it all. There are even poems by two children.

*    *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Don’t forget:

Do you want to interview  NZ author?

Do you want to review a NZ book (any genre) or a poetry book from anywhere in the world?

Let me know!!!!!     paulajoygreen@gmail.com

And schools still have time to enter the Fourth Fabulous Poetry Competition for Children. Go here.


t   h   e          m   o   o   n

I love reading poems about the moon and I love writing poems about the moon. There is something about the moon that is altogether mysterious and marvellous. It can be such a thing of beauty hanging in the sky.

So this week your challenge is to write a moon poem. It can be a poem about the moon or a poem in which the moon makes an appearance.


Hunt for as many moon words as you can. What it looks like!

Try different endings. try different kinds of endings that makes the reader feel something different.

Try to use real detail.

What does the moon remind you of? test out different possibilities.

Think carefully about how many words you use on the line.

Which words stand out in your poem? That are particularly delicious and moon perfect.


DEADLINE for your Moon-Poem Challenge: Wednesday June 17th

Send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Include your name, year, age and name of school. You can include your teacher’s name and email. PLEASE say it’s for the Moon-Poem challenge.

I will post my favourites and have a book for a poet.


photo 3




here are my two favourite moon poems


I did a post about the moon in poems and challenged you to write some. Here are my two favourites. Ewen‘s is in the shape of a moon which is very cool and Venetia‘s has lots of juicy rhyme. Both made a picture of a moon balloon in my head. Great job!

I have a copy of Love that Dog by Sharon Creech for Ewen. It is a wonderful novel in verse all about writing poetry and a dog!

If you haven’t read this book yet you should. I might see if I can find another copy to give away one day.



Bright eye looking down

against the dark sky.

Whether new


or full,


it brightly,

casts its eye ,

down at us humans.

Ewen aged 12,  Year 7, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch


Fly to The Moon

Up in the sky,

How high can you fly?

To reach the moon,

On a blue balloon.

When you get there one day,

Would you shout hurray?

If it was me,

Up in the debris,

I’d quick do a pee,

So no one would see,

After that I’d sit down,

Put my face on the ground,

Start devouring cheddar,

Probably getting much redder,

Oxygen getting low,

Guess I’d have to go,

So I’d jump off in flight,

With all of my might,

When people see me floating down,

All tangled up and spinning round,

I’d say hey! I’ve been gone for days

But its only just the end of May!


Venetia 11 years old, Year 6 Gladstone Primary School Auckland.

The moon in poems

This morning I woke up really early and I thought the light was on outside but it was a big bright moon.

I looked on the internet and I read that poets like to write poems about the moon. It was supposed to be a joke but it’s true.

I love the way when you see one moon you see moons everywhere.

I wondered how many moon poems there are in A Treasury of NZ poetry for Children. It was too cold to count. I remembered Becky, an ex Arrowtown-Primary-School student, has a terrific moon poem in the book.

I looked on the internet again and NZ poet, Rachel McAlpine had just posted a photo of the moon (about 6 am) and said ‘You’re still a supermoon to me.’

I called my last book of poems Macaroni Moon. ‘Imagine if the moon were made of cheese/ and cheese was made of moon.’

I have always loved writing moon poems.



Eat the Moon

The moon in the sky

tastes better than cheddar.


(That’s the whole poem! It’s from Macaroni Moon, Random House, 2009)


Have a go at writing a moon poem or a poem with a moon in it!

DEADLINE for your Moon-Poem Challenge: Monday 18th August

Send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Include your name, year, age and name of school. You can include your teacher’s name and email. PLEASE say it’s for the Moon-Poem challenge.

I will post my favourites from all the Moon-Poem Challenges and have a book prize for a poet (Year 0 to Year